Because of the special nature of aquariums the design process must be strongly controlled by people who have previous substantial experience in buildings and structures of this type. Peter O’Brien Projects provides a team of specialist design consultants whose input supports the client’s project team and the consulting professionals already assembled by the client.

Through its supervision, Peter O’Brien Projects brings an owner-operator perspective and attitude to all aspects of the design and management of projects. That attitude is evident throughout the development, and particularly in relation to budget, program and quality.

To achieve this vital “owner-operator” approach, Peter O’Brien Projects establish a project team in the project city at the commencement of construction works. This delivers strong interaction on an immediate, and as required, basis with our client’s team and other consultants to the project. Staff with relevant experience and expertise are utilised, always based in the project city to service the project effecively and efficiently.

Dependant on – and appropriate to – each individual project design, Peter O’Brien Projects offers the following comments and observations:

  • We have an expectation of extensive interaction with our client’s major project consultants, in particular architects, MEP and structural engineers. We immediately hold detailed meetings with clients and consultants to discuss all areas of interface with those consultants within the design process and to thoroughly understand any specific design parameters that may exist.
  • Peter O’Brien Projects designs provide for maximum daily usage time for the aquarium by introducing opportunities for various additional revenue generating experiences within the facility. These may include food and beverage, rides, visitor and animal interactions and education programs.
  • On appointment, Peter O’Brien Projects immediately implement formal reporting and information sharing with the client tailored to their requirements.
  • At all times Peter O’Brien Projects understand and ensure that time is of the essence in the undertaking of works.

An example of the scope of works POBP undertake during the development of full scale Aquarium facilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Negotiation and site procurement
  • Review of market research
  • Full Architectural designs and specifications
  • Coordination of civil, structural & landscape design
  • Coordination of all services drawings
  • LSS (Life support system), for Aqauria, specification
  • Acrylic design & specification
  • Waterproofing design & specification
  • Theme work design & specification
  • IT requirements
  • Loose fit out procurement
  • Audio Visual requirements
  • Signage design
  • Retail fit out
  • Supervision of all tendering
  • Negotiation and appointment of all contractors
  • Supervision of all on site works including specialist works
  • Supervision of all permit applications
  • Nomination of species
  • Procurement & holding & delivery  of fishes & animals
  • Supervision and commissioning of all systems including LSS

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